Anti-CD134 [OX86] Vivopure 100 mg

Description: Recombinant monoclonal antibody to CD134. Manufactured using AbAb’s Recombinant Platform with variable regions (i.e. specificity) from the hybridoma OX86.
Isotype and Format: Rat IgG1, kappa
Clone Number: OX86
Published Application(s): FC
Published Species Reactivity: Mouse
Immunogen: Recombinant mouse OX40 protein.
Specificity: Murine OX40 (CD134), a cell surface antigen expressed only by activated T lymphocytes.

Antibody First Published in:
al-Shamkhani A, Birkeland ML, Puklavec M, Brown MH, James W, Barclay AN. Eur J Immunol. 1996 Aug;26(8):1695-9. PMID:8765008 Note on publication: Describes the generation of the antibody, its use in flow cytometry (staining mouse CD4 and CD8 single-positive cells).

Product Form

This is a Vivopure 100 mg product. Vivopure products are produced at high purity (>98%), low endotoxin (<0.5 EU/mg) and are formulated without preservatives. As a result Vivopure products are the ideal choice for in vivo research applications.
Purification: Protein A affinity purified
Supplied in: PBS only, with >98% antibody purity and <1 EU/mg guaranteed.
Storage Recommendation: All vivopure products are formulated in PBS only without addition of preservatives. To ensure optimal storage and prevent microbial contamination, only open and dispense under sterile conditions.
Concentration: >1mg (see vial label for exact conc)

Product Code: Ab00110-6.1-VPB

Rat IgG1

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