Anti-TRP-1, gp75 [TA99] Bulk size

Description: Recombinant monoclonal antibody to TRP-1, gp75. Manufactured using AbAb’s Recombinant Platform with variable regions (i.e. specificity) from the hybridoma TA99. This antibody was created using our proprietary Fc Silent™ engineered Fc domain containing key point mutations that abrogate binding to Fc gamma receptors.
Isotype and Format: Human IgG1, Fc Silent™, kappa
Clone Number: TA99
Published Application(s): ELISA; FC; IF; IHC-Fr; IP; WB
Published Species Reactivity: Human
Immunogen: 70-75 kDa pigmentation-associated glycoprotein in human melanoma cell lines.
Specificity: Binds Tyrosinase-related protein-1 (TRP-1), a 70-75k enzyme located in melanocytes, which are specialized cells that produce a pigment called melanin, helping to stabilize tyrosinase, which is the enzyme responsible for the first step in melanin production and determine the shape of melanosomes, which are the structures in melanocytes where melanin is produced.
Application Notes: This antibody binds to human and murine TRP-1 and had been under evaluation for the treatment of tumours.
Antibody First Published in:
Welt S, Mattes MJ, Grando R, Thomson TM, Leonard RW, Zanzonico PB, Bigler RE, Yeh S, Oettgen HF, Old LJ. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1987 Jun;84(12):4200-4. PMID:3473501 Note on publication: Describes the isolation of TA99 from mice immunized with the pigmented melanoma cell line SK-MEL-23 and the characterisation by radioimmunolocalisation showing the tumor imaging.

Product Form

This is a Bulk size product. Purified antibody in bulk size.
Purification: Protein A affinity purified
Supplied in: PBS only.
Storage Recommendation: Store at 4°C for up to 3 months. Note, this antibody is provided without added preservatives, it is therefore recommed this antibody be handled under sterile conditions. For longer storage, aliquot and store at -20°C.
Concentration: See vial label

Product Code: Ab00180-10.3-BT

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