Recombinant Antibodies for Improved Diagnostics

The development of successful new diagnostic tests and other assays based around antibodies relies on the generation of the right form of an affinity-reagent and the reproducible production of this reagent to ensure reproducible test results. Equally, reliable controls and standards are essential. Absolute Antibody offers a variety of royalty-free services from our ISO-certified manufacturing facility that will be of interest to companies developing new diagnostic tests and assays. In addition, a range of off-the-shelf antibodies and control proteins are available for purchase.

Antibody Engineering

The image displays the antibody engineering capabilities at Absolute Antibody. A recombinant antibody can be produced in any isotype, species or format.

At Absolute Antibody we are keen to help you develop superior assays.

Our engineering services include chimerization, humanization, species switching and antibody reformatting.

The problem

Specific, high-affinity monoclonal antibodies are hard to obtain – especially if your assay requires them to be in a particular format. Reliable bulk sources of antigen-specific human IgM, IgG, IgA or IgE are not always available for use as serological controls. Furthermore, antibodies produced by traditional methods are restricted to their original format and species.

The solution

Flexibility and reliability through recombinant technology

Antibody engineering allows the generation of human controls from any hybridoma of any species. Absolute Antibody routinely manufactures up to gram quantities of human IgA, IgE, IgM, and all IgG subtypes as well as antibody fragments – all in our serum-free system.

Expand your possibilities further

In assays where an antibody is required to detect an analyte – both in sandwich and competition assays – antibody format can play an important role:

  • Switching an antibody constant domain to a different species can increase compatibility with secondary detection reagents and reduce or eliminate non-specific interaction with the sample (see also: Fc SilentTM). This is particularly beneficial in IHC or flow-cytometry.
  • Using monomeric binders (Fabs) has been shown to increase consistency of experimental read outs (Hyytiä et al.). This also eliminates variability and contaminants commonly caused by the proteolytic generation of Fabs from full length antibodies.
  • Antibody engineering also unlocks a range of possibilities beyond naturally occurring antibody formats – such as stabilised Fab2 fragments or site-specific conjugated antibodies.

We are always looking to explore new antibody engineering possibilities such as antibody stability optimization or affinity maturation – and welcome approaches from prospective collaborators.

To discuss how antibody engineering might benefit your assay, or if you are interested to collaborate, contact us.

Antibody Sequencing

Protect your valuable antibodies against loss or change

Good antibodies are valuable, but antibody-secreting hybridomas are easily lost – perhaps through storage accidents, genetic drift or contamination. One method of security is to sequence the antibody to enable recombinant production. This is also a step towards patenting your antibody, or engineering it towards optimal performance. Absolute Antibody offers a guaranteed hybridoma sequencing service for rat and mouse antibodies – no sequence, no fee. If cells are no longer available, we may also be able to sequence your antibody directly from the protein.

Antibody Manufacturing

Guaranteed expression of up to 4 g of ultra-pure protein

Our proprietary HEXpress technology allows for rapid manufacturing of milligram to gram quantities of antibody in mammalian HEK293 cells. Our manufacturing is serum free to guarantee absence of contaminating bovine immunoglobulin. More affordable than stable CHO cell line generation, with higher purity and flexibility than traditional hybridoma production – we guarantee the quantity and quality of our antibody for all your in vitro or in vivo needs. All we need is an electronic sequence, hybridoma cell line, or purified monoclonal protein.

All of our manufacturing takes place in-house, at our ISO-certified facility in the North East of England. Download a copy of our certificate here.

Reagent Catalog

In addition to our custom antibody services, our ever growing catalog offers a wide range of clinically relevant antibodies and control proteins. A few of our collections are highlighted below.

Research-grade biosimilars

Our collection of research-grade biosimilars includes antibodies used therapeutically and as imaging agents. We offer our reformatted and chimeric versions alongside the original format, providing a range of solutions for customers seeking high quality reagents against clinically relevant targets.

Antibodies as controls in tests for infection or allergy

We offer a large panel of antibodies against infectious agents with a particular focus on viruses (including flaviviruses such as Dengue and Zika). In combination with our antibody-reformatting platform these can form important controls for serological testing in the form of human IgG, IgM or IgA antibody isotypes. Our technology also benefits those working with allergies. We offer an extensive catalogue of recombinant human IgE antibodies against a wide range of common allergens.

Other clinically relevant control proteins

Using our mammalian protein expression platform we are also able to provide proteins beyond antibodies, such as recombinant free light-chains (or Bence-Jones proteins) and Fc-fusion proteins. Bence Jones proteins are important markers of a range of immunoproliferative disorders. We are the world’s only supplier of recombinant free light-chains – a precisely defined alternative to patient-derived Bence-Jones protein. These offer improved reproducibility as standards and calibrators for diagnostic testing. Similarly, our growing catalogue of Fc-fusion proteins permit the expression and stable formulation of extracellular portions of transmembrane proteins, and will be of interest as controls to developers of companion diagnostics.

Further Information

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