Development and characterization of a transient CHO expression platform for recombinant antibody production

Absolute Antibody recently expanded its recombinant antibody expression services with the addition of the CHXpress™ transient CHO expression service. The addition builds upon our established HEXpress™ platform, enabling us to offer serum-free mammalian transient expression in both HEK and CHO cells to better serve clients through their full antibody development.

In this application note, we review the quality and batch-to-batch reproducibility of the recombinant antibodies manufactured with the CHXpress™ transient CHO platform. Data demonstrate that the platform produces high quality, fully glycosylated human IgG antibodies with high consistency between batches, as well as antibodies in engineered formats with reliably robust production yields and expected binding activity.

Download the application note using the form below for more information and the full data set.

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