High-Throughput 80 ml Production

Our FleXpress™ high-throughput recombinant antibody production service offers customers the flexibility to rapidly express a large number of antibodies at 80 ml scale using Absolute Antibody’s proven recombinant antibody technology. The service utilizes our HEXpress™ antibody expression platform, a serum-free, mammalian transient expression system, to manufacture high-quality recombinant antibodies in any species, isotype or format, including multispecifics and fragments, with high purity and low endotoxin levels.

The FleXpress™ production line can recombinantly manufacture hundreds of different antibodies per week at 80 ml scale, allowing customers to quickly and cost-effectively test recombinant versions of many different antibodies. This service is particularly useful for the following applications:

  • Early-stage pharmaceutical R&D: therapeutic antibody developers can quickly conduct pilot studies on a group of therapeutic antibody candidates.
  • Multi-hybridoma conversion: reagent companies with a monoclonal antibody portfolio can test moving their collection from hybridomas to recombinant production, to take advantage of the many benefits of recombinant expression, including superior batch-to-batch reproducibility, antibody engineering options, and guaranteed long-term supply. Learn more about our multi-hybridoma conversion service here.

All antibody production occurs in our UK-based ISO-certified antibody manufacturing facility, which also houses two other production lines enabling scale-up to multi-gram quantities in a matter of weeks, for customers in need of larger-scale manufacturing. In 2020, we used our production platform to produce thousands of different recombinant antibodies, making 180 grams of protein in total.

In addition, we’ve used our production platform to build a unique recombinant reagents catalog consisting of more than 8,500 antibodies, all benefitting from antibody engineering technology. For example, check out one catalog clone (anti-EGFR, or Cetuximab) available in more than 30 different off-the-shelf formats. The FleXpress™ production service enables our customers to utilize this same technology for their own recombinant antibody projects.

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