Absolute Antibody Expands Prometheus™ Antibody Humanization Service to Include Non-Murine Origin Species

We’re excited to announce the expansion of our Prometheus™ antibody humanization service to offer humanization from non-murine origin species, including rabbit antibodies and single-domain camelid nanobodies. The service can now deliver humanized antibodies from a wide range of species, while maintaining antibody expression levels and functionality.

Humanization is a critical step in the development pathway of all therapeutic antibodies derived from non-human sources. Typical humanization platforms are optimized for humanizing mouse or rat antibodies, which are structurally similar to human antibodies. However, drug discovery campaigns are increasingly initiated in non-murine models, such as rabbits and camelids. These species offer a range of advantages over more traditional sources of monoclonal antibodies, but structural differences have made humanization challenging.

ELISA activity data for humanized antibodies compared to chimeric antibodies based on the parental clone of A) rabbit and B) camelid origin. Download our research poster for more data.

Our Prometheus™ humanization service, initially focused on mouse or rat antibodies, has now expanded to include rabbit antibodies and single-domain camelid nanobodies. The service delivers a full panel of humanized antibody variants, guaranteeing to produce a variant with comparable activity to the parent clone. It is uniquely focused on enhancing antibody manufacturability, leading to increased expression, lower aggregation, and long-term stability and solubility.

“Expanding our antibody humanization service to popular non-murine species enables therapeutics developers to harness the functional and structural advantages of antibodies from non-traditional source organisms,” said Dr. Michael Fiebig, Chief Scientific Officer at Absolute Antibody. “Our team specializes in antibody engineering, and we’re always excited to support the innovative scientists working to improve the characteristics of next-generation biotherapeutics.”

Our humanization approach was informed by analyzing manufacturability data for more than 100 therapeutic antibodies to identify preferential manufacturing properties. The process uses structure-guided CDR grafting onto preferred germline backbones selected for these key manufacturability properties, delivering humanized antibodies with the robust manufacturability required for large-scale clinical production. The Prometheus™ antibody humanization service is royalty-free and has been used to successfully complete more than 100 humanization projects.

For more information, visit our dedicated Prometheus™ antibody humanization service webpage, or download our new humanization research poster about humanization from non-murine origin species. The poster describes how we’ve overcome structural differences of rabbit and camelid antibodies to generate humanized antibodies with functional characteristics comparable to the original antibody, while maintaining, and often even improving, manufacturability characteristics.

Please contact us with any questions about our humanization service or to receive a quote for your antibody humanization project. And if you’re looking to humanize an antibody from another source species, get in touch – we love an antibody engineering challenge!

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