Anti-SARS Antibody Turned Anti-COVID-19

In early 2020, Tian and co-workers showed in an Emerging Microbes & Infections paper that the anti-SARS antibody CR3022 first described in 2006 has high affinity for the then-termed 2019-nCoV, now more commonly referred to as SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19. The antibody has been suggested as a candidate for mono- as well as combination-therapy development.

In a new pre-print release on bioRxiv, Joyce and co-workers provide further analysis of the binding of the CR3022 clone, along with characterization of its broadly reactive epitope that is highly conserved across betacoronaviruses. According to the authors, the “epitope is inaccessible in the closed prefusion S structure, but is accessible in open conformations.”

To assist with further research into the biology of COVID-19, as well as development of diagnostic and therapeutic platforms, we are launching the CR3022 clone in our reagents catalog. As customary for Absolute Antibody, the antibody is available in multiple engineered formats, designed to open up new experimental possibilities for in vitro and in vivo use. Formats include:

  • Human IgG1 and IgM for use in neutralization assays and as serological controls
  • Rabbit IgG, mouse IgG2b and mouse IgM for detection applications, co-labelling studies and animal model research
  • Our proprietary human IgG1 and mouse IgG2b Fc Silent™ formats, which are aimed at discerning Fc-dependent and Fc-independent effector functions and facilitating research into the role of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)

The first formats to be available will be human IgG1, human IgM and rabbit IgG. More formats will follow shortly. Learn more about each antibody format or place an order by following the links below. If you are looking for this antibody in a different format, please contact us.


FormatCatalog Number
Human IgG1Ab01680-10.0
Human IgG1 Fc Silent™Ab01680-10.3
Human IgMAb01680-15.0
Mouse IgMAb01680-21.0
Rabbit IgGAb01680-23.0
Mouse IgG2bAb01680-3.0
Mouse IgG2b Fc Silent™Ab01680-3.3

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