Partnering with ChromoTek on Nanobody-based Chimeric Antibodies

We’re excited to announce a partnership with ChromoTek, specialists in the development of Nanobody-based reagents, to offer recombinant engineered antibodies to scientists worldwide. The new chimeric antibodies were originally derived from alpaca Nanobodies and engineered into mouse and rabbit Fc domains to open up new research applications. Available antibodies target key fluorescent proteins commonly used as tags for protein visualization, as well as the structural protein vimentin.

The original Nanobodies, the smallest known antibody format, were generated by ChromoTek from the binding domains of alpaca heavy chain antibodies. Absolute Antibody used antibody engineering to fuse the Nanobodies onto mouse IgG1 and rabbit Fc domains, generating bivalent antibodies that extend the research applications of the original Nanobodies. Potential uses of the engineered antibodies include:

  • Enable detection with different secondary antibodies, permitting new co-labeling approaches that improve detection or provide signal on a different wavelength
  • Permit conjugation to an increased number of fluorophores for direct detection
  • Allow for immobilization on Protein A beads, resins or plates
  • Provide increased apparent affinity due to avidity effects in immunofluorescence experiments

The chimeric antibodies are all recombinantly produced for ensured batch-to-batch reproducibility, high purity and low endotoxin levels. Available targets include:


View the official press release and contact us with any questions.

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