Anti-SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 Antibody: In Stock and New Formats

In mid-March, we announced the availability of an anti-coronavirus antibody shown to recognize SARS-CoV-2 (also referred to as 2019-nCoV or COVID-19). The anti-SARS clone, CR3022, was first described in 2006, and in early 2020, researchers showed the clone has high affinity for the then-termed 2019-nCoV. Scientists worldwide are now exploring this antibody as a candidate for mono- as well as combination-therapy development.

The CR3022 antibody is available in our catalog in a wide variety of engineered formats, designed to open up new experimental possibilities for in vitro and in vivo use. We’re excited to announce that the human IgG1 and rabbit IgG formats have now been recombinantly manufactured and are in stock for immediate shipment. (Update April 14: the human IgM format is now in stock as well. Update April 27: eight engineered formats are now in stock, including human IgA.)

In addition, we’ve added several unique formats to our catalog, including human IgA and different subtypes of human IgG, as well as human and mouse Fab and Fab2 formats with His-tags. These formats are currently in production; they can be ordered now and will be ready for shipment in several weeks.

We’re excited to make these new formats available, as recent research from Amanat and colleagues has shown that IgG3 responses to COVID-19 were much stronger than IgG1 responses, which sets the immune response to COVID-19 apart from responses seen from infections such as influenza. In fact, not all subjects even developed an IgG1 response. No IgG4 responses were seen, and the tools to assess IgG2 responses were not available for this study. Moreover, a strong IgM and IgA response was seen. The authors note that the “level of reactivity and antibody isotypes matched expected patterns based on time since symptom onset very well.”

Available anti-COVID-19 antibody formats in our reagent catalog now include:

  • Human IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, IgA and IgM for use in neutralization assays and as serological controls
  • Rabbit IgG, mouse IgG2b and mouse IgM for detection applications, co-labelling studies and animal model research
  • Human and mouse Fab and Fab2 formats with His-tags, for applications where antibody fragments are desirable and for site-specific functionalization
  • Our proprietary human IgG1 and mouse IgG2b Fc Silent™ formats, which are aimed at discerning Fc-dependent and Fc-independent effector functions and facilitating research into the role of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)

Learn more about each antibody format or place an order by following the links below. If you are looking for this antibody in a different format, please contact us.


FormatCatalog Number
Human IgG1Ab01680-10.0
Human IgG1 Fc Silent™Ab01680-10.3
Human IgG2Ab01680-11.0
Human IgG3Ab01680-12.1
Human IgMAb01680-15.0
Human IgAAb01680-16.0
Human FabAb01680-10.6
Human Fab2Ab01680-10.7
Rabbit IgGAb01680-23.0
Mouse IgG2bAb01680-3.0
Mouse IgG2b Fc Silent™Ab01680-3.3
Mouse IgMAb01680-21.0
Mouse FabAb01680-1.6
Mouse Fab2Ab01680-1.7