Engineered Mouse-Ly-6G Antibody Shows Near Complete Neutrophil Depletion In Vivo

A recent paper, published in Cells by researchers at University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands, showed that Absolute Antibody’s VivopureX™ mouse-anti-mouse Ly-6G antibody was able to deplete neutrophils in mice more efficiently than the original rat Ly-6G antibody. The paper demonstrated how using a mouse IgG2a version of the antibody increased depleting effector function, and prevented the production of anti-rat antibodies, highlighting the importance of using recombinantly produced syngeneic antibodies tailored to the specific research questions in vivo.

Syngeneic Antibodies

The majority of antibodies used in vivo in mice are of rat or hamster origin, and are therefore immunogenic, leading to adverse immunological reactions and gradual loss of activity. Engineered mouse-anti-mouse antibodies offer significant benefits over traditional antibodies, including reduced immunogenicity, tailored effector function, increased potency, and batch-to-batch reproducibility. Moreover, many antibodies used for depletion approaches are not in isotypes with the most optimal depleting activity.

Absolute Antibody offers an extensive line of engineered mouse antibodies that are ideal for in vivo research, called VivopureX™. The collection consists of popular antibody clones, many of which were originally obtained from rats or hamsters, that have been engineered by Absolute Antibody into mouse-anti-mouse recombinant versions to improve research results.

Our mouse IgG2a version of one clone in particular, Anti-Ly6G [1A8], was used in the recent study to test neutrophil depletion in mice models.

Recombinant Mouse Antibody Outperforms Rat-Ly-6G In Vivo

Neutrophils are important innate immune cells that play a role in diseases such as cancer, and researchers want to study their function in living cells. Ly-6G depleting antibodies are often used for this purpose, but the method does not typically achieve full or long-term depletion.

In the new study, the researchers described the use of Absolute Antibody’s murinized anti-Ly-6G [1A8] antibody to achieve effective, long-term neutrophil depletion. They showed that “the mouse-Ly-6G outperformed the originally described rat-Ly-6G antibody and showed almost complete neutrophil depletion even in old C57Bl6/J mice, resistant to rat-Ly-6G antibody treatment.” The researchers concluded that “…the mouse-Ly-G6 antibody is the perfect tool to conditionally, efficiently, and specifically deplete neutrophils in blood and tissue for a long period of time.”

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Anti-Ly6G [1A8] is just one of the many clones available in the VivopureX™ collection of antibodies for in vivo research. The collection also includes popular immunotherapy targets, such as PD-1, CTLA-4, TIGIT, VISTA and more. All antibodies are available in bulk sizes ranging from 1 mg to 100 mg, as well as our standard 200 µg size.

We always offer our recombinant isotype controls at a 50% discount if purchased together with a bulk size of a linked VivopureX™ antibody. As a special end of year clearance, if you purchase a bulk VivopureX™ antibody before December 31, 2022, you will receive the corresponding isotype control for free. Contact us today for more information and to obtain a quote.

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