FleXpress™ High-Throughput Recombinant Antibody Production Service

We’re excited to announce the launch of our FleXpress™ high-throughput recombinant antibody production service! The service offers customers the flexibility to rapidly express a large number of antibodies at 80 ml scale using our proven recombinant antibody technology.

The FleXpress™ production line can recombinantly manufacture hundreds of different antibodies per week at 80 ml scale. It uses our HEXpress™ antibody expression platform, a serum-free, mammalian transient expression system that can manufacture recombinant antibodies in any species, isotype or format, including multispecifics and fragments, with high purity and low endotoxin levels.

The high-throughput recombinant antibody production service is ideal for early-stage pharmaceutical researchers conducting pilot studies on a group of therapeutic antibody candidates, as well as reagent companies with a monoclonal antibody portfolio interested in converting their collection from hybridomas to recombinant production. At Absolute Antibody, we’ve used this same production platform to offer antibody services and build our own recombinant reagents catalog, which consists of nearly 5,000 antibodies in different engineered formats. In 2019, we produced thousands of different recombinant antibodies, making 120 grams of protein in total.

“Absolute Antibody specializes in recombinant antibody technology, and we’ve developed a robust and reliable platform for high-throughput antibody production at relatively small scales. Our new production line gives our customers the flexibility to rapidly and cost-effectively test recombinant versions of many different antibodies using our proven recombinant expression technology.”

– Catherine Bladen, PhD, Chief Operations Officer at Absolute Antibody


Download the official announcement here.

Learn more about the FleXpress™ high-throughput recombinant antibody production service here.

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