Collaborating with the University of Sheffield to Increase Antibody Expression Yields

Impact of the new synthetic promotor and vector modifications on antibody expression. Download the new research poster below for the full dataset.

Absolute Antibody has been partnering with University of Sheffield researchers to increase recombinant antibody expression yields in CHO cells. The latest results of the collaboration were presented in a poster at the ESACT 2022 conference this summer in Portugal.

The research poster describes the generation of a novel synthetic promoter that significantly increases transient antibody expression in CHO-S cells. When the promoter was used in combination with other genetic vector technology, a seven-fold increase in expression was achieved compared to the existing industry-standard vector. The experiments were conducted by University of Sheffield PhD student Molly Smith and supervised by David James, University of Sheffield Professor of Bioprocess Engineering.

Absolute Antibody is now testing the synthetic vector technology to ensure its efficacy scales to larger antibody expression runs. We are excited to implement these research findings to further improve antibody production yields in both our HEXpress™ and CHXpress™ antibody expression platforms. These serum-free mammalian transient expression systems produce high-quality, animal-free recombinant antibodies at milligram-to-gram scale in HEK or CHO cells, providing customers worldwide with custom antibody expression services and a recombinant antibody catalog.

“Our team is committed to investing in R&D activities that push the boundaries of transient antibody expression,” said Dr. Daniel Perez-Witzke, Principal Scientist at Absolute Antibody. “These new results show we’re headed in the right direction to increase antibody expression yields, which will in turn improve our manufacturing capacity and reduce production costs, enabling us to better serve clients around the world.”


The new research poster and full dataset can be downloaded by filling out the form below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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