Multi-Tag Protein 2 (MTP2), An Engineered Fusion Protein with Epitope Tags

After the tremendous success of our Multi-Tag Control Protein, Absolute Antibody is pleased to announce the launch of version two of the Multi-Tag Control Protein (MTP2, Pr00565) which is a genetically engineered fusion protein with an entirely new set of epitope tags placed in a linear fashion and separated by a short linker. Both of our Multi-Tag Control Proteins are now available in our online catalog here.

MTP2 is built around a maltose binding protein core and has an internal His-tag. There are many other tags also present in this fusion protein, including the MBP-tag, MAP-tag, RAP tag, protein C tag, Soft tag, Rho-tag, ALFA-tag, Rim-tag, Softag, Strep-tag, Pep tag and GCN4-tag. MTP2 is specifically engineered to be used as positive controls in western/dot blot assays and ELISAs.

Epitope tags are extremely important tools for the detection, purification, and analysis of unknown protein for which specific antibodies are unavailable. Epitope tagging is a technique in which a known epitope is fused to a recombinant protein using genetic engineering. By selecting an appropriate epitope and antibody pair, it is possible to find a combination with properties that are suitable for the desired experimental application (Bill Brizzard, 2008).

Epitope tagging is commonly used for a variety of applications, such as monitoring protein expression, localizing proteins at the cellular and subcellular levels, protein purification, as well as the analysis of protein topology, dynamics and interactions (Jarvik et al., 1998).

As mentioned, we also offer our original Multi-Tag Control protein (Pr00106), which has a different set of epitope tags for use as a positive control in various analytical experiments. You can learn more about it in our previous blog post here. You can also find our full range of anti-epitope tag antibodies here.

Keep an eye out as we will continue to launch additional antibody clones to epitopes featured in MTP2. In the meantime, if there is anything you can’t find or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Figure 1. A schematic representation of the sequence for Absolute Antibody’s Multi-Tag protein 2 (Pr00565), composed of 12 commonly used epitope tags shown from N- to C-terminal.

Figure 2. Binding of anti-epitope tag antibodies to Multi Tag Protein 2 in an ELISA. Binding curves of mouse IgG1 chimeric versions of anti-epitope tag antibodies anti-MBP tag (MBP-7128; Ab02011-1.1; Light blue), anti-MAP tag (PMab-1; Ab00875-1.1; Red), anti-RAP tag (PMab-2; Ab00885-1.1; Yellow), anti-Rho tag (1D4; Ab00337-1.1; Dark blue), anti-Protein C tag (HPC-4; Ab01200-1.1; Green), anti-Softag 1 (NT73; Ab02006-1.1; Purple), anti-GCN4 tag (C11L34; Ab00436-1.1; Orange) and anti-MBP tag (sAb-70; Ab02007-1.1; Grey). Plates were coated with the Multi Tag protein 2 (Pr00565, Absolute Antibody) at 5 ug/ml. Primary antibodies were titrated on a 3-fold serial dilution starting at 10,000 ng/mL. Anti-mouse IgG was used as secondary antibody for detection at a dilution of 1:4,000.

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