New: Veterinary IgE Fc Proteins

IgE is an often overlooked antibody isotype, but it plays a critical role in allergic reactions and certain autoimmune diseases. To advance related research and diagnostics, Absolute Antibody has used recombinant antibody technology to develop highly reproducible IgE proteins in a wide range of species. These Fc-only proteins can be used for a variety of applications:

  • Assay standards: create reproducible control sera by spiking the IgE into normal sera
  • Immunogens: generate antibodies against the immunoglobulin Fc domain
  • Engineered into antigen-specific antibodies: make an IgE antibody for your allergy or autoimmunity research


New Species Available

We now offer IgE Fc domain proteins in a variety of species. We started with the common models human and mouse, and have recently expanded our catalog to include animals such as dog, cat and horse. The new species are ideal for veterinary research and diagnostic assay design.

The IgE Fc domain proteins react with species-specific anti-IgE antibodies, with no cross-reactivity observed (see ELISA data below).

Currently available IgE Fc domain proteins are listed below. We also offer immunoglobin Fc domains in other subtypes, including Ig1, IgG2A, IgA and IgM; you can view our full list of Ig Fc domains here. For more information or to place an order, please contact us.

Interested in using these Fc proteins to create antigen-specific antibodies? Choose a target from our extensive catalog, or provide your own antibody, and we’ll do the rest. Check out our selection of anti-allergen antibodies, and contact us to discuss your project!

Catalog NumberProduct NameIntro PriceAvailabilityProduct Page
Pr00104-14.5Recombinant Human
IgE-Fc domain
0.2mg for £285 / €335 / $370In StockView Datasheet
Pr00107-20.5Recombinant Mouse
IgE-Fc domain
0.2mg for £285 / €335 / $370In StockView Datasheet
Pr00344-39.5 Recombinant Dog
IgE-Fc domain
0.2mg for £285 / €335 / $370In StockView Datasheet
Pr00343-38.5 Recombinant Cat
IgE-Fc domain
0.2mg for £285 / €335 / $370In StockView Datasheet
Pr00345-40.5 Recombinant Horse
IgE-Fc domain
0.2mg for £285 / €335 / $370In PreparationView Datasheet


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