Overcoming Research Irreproducibility through Recombinant Antibodies

Our VP of Product Portfolio & Innovation, Dr. Michael Fiebig, recently gave a presentation for a webinar series on research reproducibility. The webinars covered various approaches to safeguarding scientific research, including recombinant antibodies, cell culturing procedures, antibody protein sequences and reference identifiers.

Dr. Fiebig’s talk described how recombinant antibodies can enhance experiments with high batch-to-batch reproducibility and antibody engineering. In particular, he explained how engineered recombinant antibodies allow researchers to improve experimental design and develop complex controls with absolute precision. These concepts were illustrated with examples from Absolute Antibody’s recombinant antibody catalog, including VivopureX™ mouse-anti-mouse antibodies for in vivo research and engineered coronavirus antibodies for COVID-19 diagnostic tests.

The full webinar panel included:

  • Andrew Bradbury, CSO, Specifica, Drug-Like Antibodies Straight from Selections
  • Michael Fiebig, VP Product Portfolio & Innovation, Absolute Antibody, Why Go Recombinant? Take Your Experiments Further with High Reproducibility and Antibody Engineering
  • Alicia Henn, CSO, BioSpherix, Truly Reproducible Conditions for Cells and Tissues
  • Zac McDonald, Senior Scientist and Manager of Proteomics Research, and Anthony Stajduhar, Director of International BD, Rapid Novor, Safeguarding Research with De Novo Protein Sequencing
  • Anita Bandrowski, CEO, SciCrunch, Why Should You Support RRIDS?

Below, listen to Dr. Fiebig’s talk as well as the entire webinar series.

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