Prevent catastrophic loss of your hybridoma through antibody sequencing

Threats to Your Antibody

Our hybridoma sequencing method guarantees the security of your antibody.

Hybridomas secreting highly validated antibodies take significant time and money to develop, but what steps have you taken to secure your valuable end-product? Liquid nitrogen storage onsite or through outsourced biostorage facilities is costly and still prone to catastrophic errors, which can result in the complete loss of samples.

Logistical concerns are not the only threat to the security of your hybridoma. The cell line itself is not stable and, over time, antibody production from established hybridomas diminishes, requiring enrichment or re-cloning. Additionally, genetic drift can result in complete loss of antibody expression or loss of binding, while isotype switching can occur naturally. Furthermore, cross-contamination and outgrowth are almost inevitable consequences of cell culture of multiple cell lines.

How We Can Help

At Absolute Antibody, we perform hybridoma sequencing using a high-throughput (NGS) approach that delivers all VH and VL sequences as well as a full report characterizing your hybridoma’s sequences and any heterogenicity or other antibody isotypes that might be present. Determining the DNA sequence of the variable domains of your antibody ensures that it can be produced indefinitely through recombinant means.

Sequencing can be performed as a stand-alone activity, or as the first step toward antibody engineering and transient serum-free expression. If you choose only sequencing, you can continue with production of your antibody via standard means using the hybridoma and have the sequence as an insurance policy should something go wrong. Importantly, knowledge of the sequence can also be a critical part of a patent process. Don’t take the risk, contact us today to discuss your sequencing needs.

No hybridoma? No problem! Absolute Antibody offers antibody protein and polyclonal antibody sequencing. Find out more about our sequencing services here.

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