SeqPack™ Hybridoma Preservation Kit for Antibody Sequencing

Absolute Antibody now offers the SeqPack™ Hybridoma Preservation Kit to streamline the sample submission process for hybridoma sequencing customers worldwide. The kit saves our customers both time and money by eliminating the need to ship hybridoma cells on dry ice.

Why Preserve Your Hybridoma?

  • Reduced shipping costs: ship your cells via ground service at room temperature
  • Simplified logistics: no need to obtain dry ice, and rest assured your cells will survive through any shipping delays
  • Decreased environmental footprint: avoid refrigerants and insulated shipping containers
  • Stabilized gene expression: your cells’ gene expression profile is preserved as is, which is particularly useful when trying to rescue the sequence of contaminated or infected cell lines

A Simple Submission Process

The SeqPack™ Hybridoma Preservation Kit is aimed at making hybridoma sequencing as convenient as possible for our customers. Follow our simple protocol to the right to preserve your hybridoma cells.

Hybridoma Sequencing

Customers can send their hybridoma cells to the nearest Absolute Antibody facility, choosing between North East England or Boston, Massachusetts. Once the hybridoma arrives, high-throughput next-generation (NGS) sequencing is used to deliver all variable domains within the cell line. The process works on any species or isotype and can often rescue contaminated or unproductive hybridoma cell lines.

Hybridoma sequencing protects valuable antibodies from mutation or loss, and enables antibody engineering and recombinant expression. Over the last two years, we’ve sequenced more than 1,500 hybridomas for customers worldwide. Read more about our hybridoma sequencing service here, and learn about our method in the figure below.

To receive your SeqPack™ Hybridoma Preservation Kit, simply contact us to place your order for hybridoma sequencing. An Absolute Antibody team member will be in touch to discuss next steps. Traditional dry ice submission is still an option for customers who prefer it, but our hope is the new kit will streamline the sample submission process for scientists around the world, enabling easier and wider access to recombinant antibody services.

Our Hybridoma Sequencing Method. The mRNA transcriptome is obtained from the hybridoma and random hexamers are used to generate a cDNA library. This is fragmented and undergoes paired-end sequencing. The sequencing reads are assembled into contigs, from which antibody transcripts are identified based on homology.

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