VivopureX™ Antibody Collection Expands

We’re excited to expand our VivopureX™ collection of recombinant mouse antibodies for in vivo research. The collection consists of popular antibody clones, many originally obtained from rats or hamsters, which Absolute Antibody has engineered into mouse-anti-mouse recombinant versions to improve research results in mouse models. The antibodies are available in discounted bulk sizes ranging from 1 mg to 100 mg.


We’ve now added 17 antibodies to the collection, including:

  • Immune checkpoint blockers: antibodies against key inhibitory receptors such as PD-L1, PD-L2, VISTA and BTLA
  • Depleting antibodies: recombinant antibodies enabling long-term depletion of cell types such as T cells, B cells, macrophages and neutrophils
  • TIM antibodies: various antibodies against the TIM (T-cell immunoglobulin mucin) protein family


The data below illustrate some of the benefits of our species-matched mouse antibodies. Advantages compared to the original antibody formats include:

  • Reduced immunogenicity: increased long-term efficacy and consistency across cohorts
  • Tailored effector function: engineered Fc domains suited for top applications
  • Increased potency: less antibody required to achieve the same response in mouse models
  • Batch-to-batch reproducibility: recombinant production ensures the highest possible reproducibility, while guaranteeing high purity and low endotoxin levels (<0.5 EU/mg)

Mean tumor sizes in animals treated with PD-1 mouse IgG2a Fc Silent™ antibody based on clone RMP1-14 (Ab00813-2.3) are significantly smaller than in animals treated with the traditional rat IgG2a antibody (Ab00813-7.1). Download our research poster to learn more.

CD8+ T-cell population in mice treated with anti-CD8 antibody clone YTS 169.4 for depletion and isotype controls. Mouse IgG2a format (Ab00166-2.0) is shown in purple and Rat IgG2b (Ab00166-8.1) is shown in blue. Data from University of Basel. Read the full case study here.















View the full VivopureX™ collection here, and contact us with any questions or to receive an order quote.