Exclusive - Murine Bispecific Antibodies

CD47/PDL1 and CD47/CD200 mouse-anti-mouse bispecific antibodies with silenced Fc effector function.

Our murine bispecific format– Our murine bispecifics are in an IgG-dAb format. The mouse IgG1 Fc carries the D265A mutation for silenced Fc effector function in vivo.

CD47, CD200 and PD-L1 have high profiles in immunotherapy research, as targets that can help tumours evade both the innate and adaptive immune systems. Targeting these responses in combination has exciting potential, so we developed these new research tools to help investigators explore it.


  • Mouse-anti-mouse bispecific antibody with silenced Fc effector function

  • Matched to host species for low immunogenicity

  • High purity and low endotoxin content for in vivo applications

  • Defined stoichiometry of binding regions


Not your ideal pair of targets? ‘Mix-and-match’ from our other immunotherapy targets to build your own custom bispecific. You can check out our range of antibodies against mouse immune checkpoint targets here.

Figure: Binding Activity of CD47/PDL1– ELISA data showing binding activity of our CD47/PDL1 bispecific antibody to (A) murine CD47 and (B) murine PD-L1 relative to an antibody isotype control