Sequencing and expression of monoclonal antibodies from a polyclonal goat antibody sample

Polyclonal antibodies are widely used across research and diagnostics, and while they offer a range of advantages such as excellent performance across different methods, they suffer from high batch-to-batch variability and require the continued use of animals for their production.

Here we report the de novo sequencing of monoclonal antibodies from a polyclonal goat antibody sample by mass spectrometry, followed by recombinant expression and testing. The goat antibody was provided by Everest Biotech, and the polyclonal sequencing was conducted by our partner Rapid Novor. Absolute Antibody produced the antibodies recombinantly and characterized them for binding compared to the original polyclonal antibody.

To our knowledge, this is the first report of a successful conversion of a goat polyclonal to a monoclonal using just antibody protein as a template. We welcome a wider adoption of this approach, which with continual validation will have profound impact on the research reagents and diagnostics industry, and shows great potential for the development of therapeutics from existing polyclonal antibodies.

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