Custom Purification Systems for High-Throughput Recombinant Antibody Production

New antibody purification robots support further company growth.

We’re happy to announce that we have developed two automated custom protein purification systems to significantly increase antibody production throughput. The automated robots, installed in our newly expanded, ISO-certified manufacturing facility in Northeast England, will enable further growth for Absolute Antibody’s products and services.

Our Director of Scientific Operations Catherine Bladen with one of the robots during testing.

With more streamlined purification, Absolute Antibody can meet the increasing demand for its recombinant antibody technology. Our first fully automated system was capable of purifying up to 24 antibodies at a scale of 80 mL in approximately 12 hours. Now, we have developed a larger-scale purification robot, able to purify 24 antibodies at a scale of 2 L in about 24 hours, a task which would take almost a week for one scientist to do manually.


“Absolute Antibody is committed to advancing recombinant antibody technology, and our lab has been hard at work developing innovative systems to enable effective production scale-up,” says Dr. Ian Wilkinson, CSO. “Our new robots provide quick, reliable and cost-effective protein purification, ensuring we can expand our catalog offerings and efficiently deliver high-quality recombinant antibodies to customers.”


You can view the full press release on PRWeb here.

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