BioDot Lateral Flow Workshop

18-20th May 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands


27-29th March 2020

Nanchang, China

New Podcast Featuring Our CSO

VivopureX™ Antibodies for In Vivo Research Launched at Bulk-Discounted Prices

Absolute Antibody Partners with the Recombinant Antibody Network

Optimizing an Antibody for Glioblastoma Treatment: An Antibody Humanization Case Study

Recombinant Antibodies for Integrin Tumor Research and Diagnostics

The Periodic Table of Antibodies

New: Veterinary IgE Fc Proteins

VIB Translational Immunology

26-27th March 2020

Ghent, Belgium

Festival of Biologics: European Antibody Congress

2-4th November 2020

Basel, Switzerland

German and Italian Immunology Meeting

9-12th September 2020

Hanover, Germany

Online Antibody Engineering Lecture from our CSO

Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics Europe – Stand #20

9-11th June 2020

New: Fully Murine Knob-Into-Hole Bispecifics

Engineered, Species-Matched Antibody Allowed for Long-Term CD8+ T-Cell Depletion in Mice

Absolute Antibody Receives CIR Accreditation

Custom Purification Systems for High-Throughput Recombinant Antibody Production

Saving a Malaria Antibody with Therapeutic Potential – Hybridoma Sequencing Case Study

Anti-DNA/RNA Hybrid Antibody S9.6 Available In New Engineered Formats

Absolute Antibody Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

2018: A Year of Expansion

AUTM Annual Meeting – Booth #401

8-11th March 2020

San Diego, CA

Absolute Antibody Opens New Facility

PEGS Boston – Booth #348

4-8th May 2020

Boston, MA

AACR – Booth #1441

24-29th April 2020

San Diego, CA

AACC Annual Meeting – Booth #1881

26-30th July 2020

Anaheim Convention Center, CA, USA


16-19th November 2020

Düsseldorf, Germany

CHI’s Bispecific Antibody Pipeline Congress 2018

Antibody Engineering News – Absolute Antibody’s Newsletter