Prometheus 2.0™: Engineering manufacturable humanized antibodies from diverse sources including rabbit and camelid antibodies

Humanization is a critical step in the therapeutic development of all antibodies from non-human sources. Important considerations during the process of grafting non-human amino acids onto a human antibody framework are the possible impacts on antigen binding, manufacturability and immunogenicity. Current humanization platforms are most typically optimized to address these considerations for mouse or rat antibodies, which share many structural features with human antibodies. Increasingly, however, therapeutic developers are starting discovery campaigns using non-murine models, such as rabbit and camelids. These species offer a range of advantages over more traditional sources of monoclonal antibodies, but structural differences have made humanization challenging.

This poster details the expansion of our Prometheus™ antibody humanization service to include humanization from non-murine origin species. We have incorporated strategies to overcome structural differences of rabbit and camelid antibodies to generate humanized antibodies with functional characteristics comparable to the original antibody, while maintaining, and often even improving, manufacturability characteristics. Download the poster using the form below to learn more.

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