Our Sister Company

In 2018, Absolute Antibody merged with Kerafast Inc., a Boston-based company with a mission to facilitate access to unique laboratory-made reagents. Together, we share a commitment to improving the selection of research tools available to the global scientific community.

Kerafast has established partnerships with more than 200 research institutions to facilitate access to materials developed by their investigators. These strong relationships enable us to advance the creation and availability of recombinant antibodies, in particular by licensing academic-made antibodies that would be good candidates for recombinant production.

Our combined company has offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe, enabling a larger global reach, more efficient fulfillment of international orders, and better support for our custom service customers. The staff in all locations work together to extend the value of existing research tools through cutting-edge engineering technology and increased access.

The Kerafast catalog includes unique antibodies, cell lines, proteins and other reagents, all developed and commercialized by academic laboratories. The program enables researchers to share reagents with a quick and simple Material Transfer Agreement, helping remove traditional barriers to transferring biomaterials among scientists. Kerafast markets the materials – many of which are not available elsewhere – and returns a portion of the proceeds to the contributing laboratories. View the catalog here, and learn about adding your lab’s reagents to the program here.