Recombinant Free Light Chains

Purification of light chains web

Coomassie-stained SDS-PAGE gel of human recombinant free lambda (left) and kappa (right) light chains. Starting from the tissue culture supernatant, a single purification step was perfomed to enrich for recombinant free light chains, both as monomer and dimer (at around 28 and 50 kDa, respectively).

Free antibody light chains are important diagnostic markers for a range of disorders including amyloidosis, various myelomas and lymphomas. Absolute levels as well as imbalances in the ratio of free kappa and lambda chains are used as diagnostic and prognostic markers.

Recombinant Expression

The recombinant expression platform used by Absolute Antibody allows the direct expression of free antibody light chains, overcoming the common problems faced in purifying these proteins. Our serum-free culturing system and affinity purification result in ultra-pure product that may be used as calibrators and positive controls for diagnostic assays.

We offer both lambda and kappa light chains.

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