Diagnostic Developers

Absolute Antibody offers recombinant antibody products and services to diagnostic developers worldwide to help in the creation of high-quality diagnostic tests and assays. Our recombinant technology provides highly reliable antibodies tailored to your specific assay, ensuring batch-to-batch reproducibility and a secure supply chain for the entire lifespan of your diagnostic.

At Absolute Antibody, we offer royalty-free antibody sequencing, engineering and recombinant expression services from our ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing facility. We deliver recombinant antibodies in any format, absolutely defined by amino acid sequence to ensure long-term consistency with no variation in binding specificity or affinity. Our recombinant antibodies provide better quality, reproducibility and flexibility than traditional antibodies, enabling superior assay results.

Our white paper provides an overview of recombinant antibodies and their utilization in the development of diagnostic tests and immunoassays. Read below for more information about each service, and contact us to discuss your project!

Antibody Sequencing

Sequence your antibodies to protect against loss, mutation or contamination. Sequencing ensures the same exact antibody can be produced anywhere in the world, which is particularly important for embedding operational resilience in your antibody supply chain. Obtaining the sequence is also the first step toward antibody engineering and recombinant expression. We offer hybridoma sequencing for any species or isotype; antibody protein sequencing, useful for lost hybridomas or discontinued antibodies; and polyclonal antibody sequencing to immortalize challenging immunizations.

Antibody Engineering

Antibody engineering allows diagnostic developers to overcome various challenges faced during assay design. We can rapidly engineer your antibody into any species, isotype or subtype, as well as reformat it into an antibody fragment or other novel formats. For diagnostic assay developers, our engineering services are particularly useful for generating human-chimeric antibodies to reduce human anti-mouse antibodies (HAMA); creating human or veterinary serological controls; or standardizing antibody Fc domains to streamline conjugation and immobilization protocols.

Recombinant Production

It has long been known that hybridoma-derived antibodies can lose productivity over time or cause lot-to-lot variability that impedes immunoassay performance. Only through recombinant production can you ensure batch-to-batch consistency and superior performance for the entire lifespan of a diagnostic. At Absolute Antibody, we recombinantly produce all antibodies at our ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing facility in a serum-free expression system, resulting in highly pure recombinant antibodies at milligram-to-gram quantities. View data confirming reproducibility between antibody manufacturing lots in our application note.

Reagents Catalog

We’ve also applied our antibody expertise to create a rapidly growing catalog of unique engineered antibodies and Fc Fusion proteins, all recombinantly produced to ensure batch-to-batch reproducibility. Our catalog includes a variety of clinically relevant reagents of interest to assay developers, including anti-allergen and anti-virus antibodies, serological controls in a wide range of formats, and recombinant free light-chains, a precisely defined alternative to patient-derived Bence-Jones protein.

Want to learn more or have a project in mind? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us to discuss your needs.