Immunotherapy Research Antibodies

Antibodies against proteins involved in co-stimulation and other aspects of immune cell regulation are of particular interest to therapeutics developers. Some have already entered the clinic, with more in the development pipeline. However, many aspects of immune cell signaling are still unknown, and researchers require ever more advanced tools to tap into this potential. Absolute Antibody has developed a collection of recombinant engineered antibodies against clinically relevant proteins, including mouse homologues of current therapeutic targets.

  • Your favorite research tools, now updated through antibody engineering for improved performance in vivo
  • Reduce immunogenicity by matching antibody species to your host organism
  • Tailor effector function by choosing from our range of antibody isotypes and subtypes
  • Explore new possibilities by combining two of these antibodies into a custom bispecific reagent

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See also: Our Fc fusion proteins are matched to our collection of immunotherapy antibodies, with all products available in a range of species-specific and engineered Fc domains.

Engineered Mouse-Anti-Mouse Antibodies

Catalog IDMouse TargetAntibody CloneOriginal Antibody Format
Ab010524-1BB (CD137)LOB12.3Rat IgG1
Ab010544-1BBL (CD137L)AT113-2Rat IgG1
Ab008814-1BBL (CD137L)TKS-1Rat IgG2a
Hamster IgG
Ab00670CD27LG.3A10Hamster IgG

Rat IgG2a
Mouse IgG2b
Mouse IgG1
Ab01109 CD403/23
Rat IgG2a
Ab01087CD40L (CD154)MR1
Hamster IgG
Ab00816CD70TAN 1-7
Rat IgG2a
Rat IgG2a
Ab01028CD80 (B7-1)RM80Rat IgG2a
Ab01029CD86 (B7-2)PO.3Rat IgG2b
Ab01089CD153RM153Rat IgG2b
Ab01297CD966A6Rat IgG2a
Ab00894CTLA-49H10Hamster IgG2
Ab01018CTLA-49D9Mouse IgG2b
Ab01088GAL-9RG9-35Rat IgG2a
Ab01060GITRDTA-1Rat IgG2a
Ab00374GITRYGITR 860.103.5Rat IgG2b
Ab00631GITRYGITR765Rat IgG2b
Ab00630GITRLYGL386Rat IgG1
Ab01026HVEMHMHV-1B18Hamster IgG
Ab00814ICOS7E.17G9Rat IgG2b
Ab00882ICOSLHK5.3Rat IgG2a
Ab01295LAG3C9B7WRat IgG1
Ab01295LAG3C9B7WRat IgG1
Ab00110OX40 (CD134)OX86Rat IgG1
Ab00564OX40LOX-89Rat IgG1
Ab00813PD-1RMP1-14Rat IgG2a
Ab01017PD-1H (VISTA)mam82Mouse IgG1
Ab01016PD-1H (VISTA)MH5AHamster IgG
Ab00373PD-L1YDC 127.1.1Rat IgG2a
Ab00883PD-L2TY25Rat IgG2a
Ab00875PDPN (MAP-Tag)PMab-1Rat IgG2a
Ab00973TIGIT4D4Hamster IgG
Ab01258TIGIT1B4Mouse IgG1
Ab01032TIM-13B3Rat IgG2a
Ab01110TIM-2RMT2-14Rat IgG2a
Ab01057TIM-32C12Rat IgG1
Ab01058TIM-45G3Rat IgG1
Ab01059TIM-43A1Rat IgG1