Academic Researchers

Absolute Antibody was founded in 2012 with a vision to make engineered recombinant antibodies accessible to all. Though recombinant antibodies are standard in the pharmaceutical industry, these antibodies have not been as widely available for academic researchers. This is changing, however, and Absolute Antibody has been leading the way, offering a recombinant-only catalog and antibody services to scientists around the world.

Recombinant antibodies, which are absolutely defined by amino acid sequence, address reproducibility concerns as well as open up exciting new possibilities for in vitro and in vivo research. Our unique reagents catalog includes engineered antibodies and Fc Fusion proteins, all biologically defined to ensure batch-to-batch reproducibility.

We build our catalog by sequencing existing monoclonal antibodies, producing recombinant versions, and engineering the antibodies into new formats to increase experimental flexibility. One proven clone becomes available in a variety of species, isotypes and subtypes, as well as in unique formats such as murine bispecific antibodies. All reagents are manufactured in-house in a chemically defined, serum-free mammalian expression system, resulting in fully traceable, highly pure recombinant antibodies with low endotoxin levels.

Why select a new antibody format for your research?

  • Switch species to reduce immunogenicity in vivo, as well as increase compatibility with a secondary antibody or enable easier co-labelling studies in vitro
  • Switch isotypes or subtypes to tailor effector function or reduce the number of needed controls
  • Choose an Fc Silent™ format to remove effector function in vivo and reduce non-specific background in staining methods
  • Select an antibody fragment format to enable better tissue penetration, reduce non-specific binding, and increase antibody stability and solubility
  • Add a custom conjugation to enable easier detection or visualization

Our rapidly growing catalog includes affordable engineered recombinant antibodies for a wide variety of research areas, including immunotherapy, virology and allergies.

Custom Services

Absolute Antibody also provides antibody sequencing, engineering and recombinant expression as custom services, giving all academic researchers a 10% discount on the services.

We can sequence from hybridoma cells or purified antibody protein, rapidly reformat antibodies into almost any format, and produce highly pure recombinant antibodies at milligram-to-gram scale. Our proprietary platform enables antibody engineering such as humanization, chimerization, species, isotype or subtype switching, creating antibody fragments, and developing custom bispecific or trispecific antibodies. To date, we have produced more than 180 different antibody formats for our customers.

Interested in one of our antibodies or custom services? Looking for another antibody format? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us to discuss your project or place an order.