External Resources

ImmunoGenetics database (IMGT) – An excellent database of sequences of immunoglobulins, T-cell receptors and MHC developed by Prof. Marie-Paule Lefranc and colleagues at the University of Montpellier.

Antibody structure and sequence information – A thorough description of antibody numbering and CDR definition developed by Dr. Andrew Martin at University College London.

AHOs Amazing Atlas of Antibody Anatomy – A site developed by Dr. Annemarie Honegger at the University of Zurich as a tool for antibody structural analysis, modelling and engineering.

The story of CAMPATH – An interesting account of the trials and tribulations that can be involved in taking a therapeutic antibody from a research lab through to the clinic.

The story of César Milstein and monoclonal antibodies – As part of the Medical Research Council’s centenary programme Dr. Lara Marks (King’s College London) has produced an exhibition on the life, work and legacy of César Milstein.

CiteAb – A recently constructed and very useful citation driven search engine for research antibodies developed by Dr. Andrew Chalmers and colleagues at the University of Bath.

Antibody suppliers resource – Pivotal Scientific Ltd have put together an excellent resource section listing antibody suppliers.

Approved therapeutic antibodies – The Antibody Society’s list of therapeutic antibodies approved for use in the United States or European Union.

The structural antibody database (SAbDab) – A database of antibody structures including experimental details, antibody nomenclature, sequence annotations etc developed by the Oxford Protein Informatics Group and collaborators.

Database of immunoglobulins with integrated tools (DIG IT) – A database of annotated variable domain sequences.

Nature Milestones in Antibodies – A history of key scientific, technical and clinical developments in our understanding of antibodies and their therapeutic application. Includes a useful collection of relevant publications.

Antibodies Overview – A nice layman’s overview of antibodies from the Cleveland Clinic.