Antibody Resource

Mission statement

The Absolute Antibody resource pages have been developed as a reference source for students, academics and industrial researchers with an interest in antibodies. Our free online resource aims to summarize the main topics of antibody engineering as well as cover the basics of antibody structure and function. You may also be interested in our free white paper download, Guide to Recombinant Antibody Engineering.

Policy statement

You should be aware that we exercise our rights to copyright over the material that we have produced. However, we openly encourage the use of information and images on these pages for academic purposes but request that the antibody resource section of our website is appropriately cited.


We appreciate any constructive feedback, corrections and suggestions that will aid in the continued development of these pages as a useful resource. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.


The content and images have been primarily generated by Dr. Ian Wilkinson. We would like to thank Dr. Nicholas Hutchings, Prof. Neil Barclay, Prof. Geoff Hale and Dr. Mike Clark for their critical review of the contents and Absolute Antibody Ltd for supporting this project.