Hybridoma Sequencing

Absolute Antibody offers a quick and professional hybridoma sequencing service, also known as antibody sequencing. Hybridoma sequencing is the sequencing of the cDNA encoding the variable heavy (VH) and variable light (VL) domains of your hybridoma cell line.

Sequencing the antibody genes of your hybridoma offers many advantages:

  • Security – your antibody can always be produced recombinantly even if your hybridoma line is lost
  • Humanisation – once you know the VH and VL sequences you can proceed to humanisation  if part of a therapeutic antibody project
  • Flexibility – convert your antibody to any species, isotype or format
  • Intellectual property – patent the sequences of your unique variable domains

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Guaranteed Antibody Sequencing Service

Over 1200 hybridomas sequenced in the last two years.

Our method – The mRNA transcriptome is obtained from the hybridoma and random hexamers are used to generate a cDNA library. This is fragmented, and undergoes paired-end sequencing. The sequencing reads are assembled into contigs, from which antibody transcripts are identified based on homology.

At Absolute Antibody we perform high throughput (NGS) hybridoma sequencing. In 4-6 weeks, we deliver you all VH and VL sequences as well as a full report characterising your hybridoma’s sequences and any heterogenicity or other antibody isotypes that might be present.

  • Works on any species or isotype
  • Use of random primers means that no mutations are introduced
  • Identifies all HC and LC sequences and quantifies their relative abundance
  • No-sequence-no-fee for any viable hybridoma
  • Your sequence is your property – all our services are royalty free
  • High-throughput – sequence up to 50 hybridomas concurrently
  • Sequence delivered in 4-6 weeks

Even if a hybridoma is contaminated or unproductive, we could be able to save your antibody for recombinant expression. Contact us and we’ll see if we can help.  You can download a case study of some sequencing we did for one of our clients here (PDF).

If you want to sequence antibody directly from purified protein, read about our protein sequencing service.

We can also provide follow on services – read our antibody engineering and antibody expression pages for more information.

1 - 4 hybridomas5 - 9 hybridomas10 + hybridomas
$ 1080$ 980
$ 920
£ 850
£ 770
£ 730
€ 950
€ 860
€ 810