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Primary Antibodies

Each of our primary antibodies is available in a range of species and formats to suit your research needs. All of our products are manufactured in-house.

Primary Antibodies Categories

Antibodies form a powerful tool used by the immune system to protect us from various pathogens.
Absolute Antibody offers a range of recombinant antibodies against viral antigens.
Choose from our growing list of antibodies against peptide epitope tags below and subsequently select the format you require.
Anti-F4/80 [Cl:A3-1] antibody is the most widely publicized and referenced mouse macrophage and microglia marker making it a valuable tool for research.
Negative controls are essential to conducting thorough and meaningful experiments.
Antibodies of IgG isotype(s) are the most commonly used antibodies in research, diagnostics and therapy.
We offer the original human IgG version as well as a reformatted  mouse and rabbit versions to suit your experimental requirements.
Antibodies against proteins involved in co-stimulation and other aspects of immune cell regulation are of particular interest to therapeutics developers.
Absolute Antibody is developing engineered antibodies for the research and diagnostics markets.
Our research grade biosimilars are research tools for the study and evaluation of biological processes without the need to source and purchase costly therapeutic grade biologics.