Other Secondary Antibodies

The majority of secondary antibodies against antibodies from common research models such as mouse or rat are polyclonal antibodies made in goats or rabbits. These not only suffer from reproducibility issues, but also come with a considerable impact on animal welfare. At Absolute Antibody, all our antibodies, including our secondary antibodies, are manufactured in a recombinant, completely animal- and animal-component free production platform. We are able to offer recombinant anti-immunoglobulin antibodies against mouse or rat antibodies, as well as antibodies that bind rabbit, goat, dog, and elasmobranch (e.g. sharks, rays, skates) antibodies.

Anti-immunoglobulin antibodies are used as secondary antibodies to detect primary antibodies in methods such as western blot, immunohistochemistry, and immunofluorescence staining for microscopy or flow cytometry. Recombinant production provides highly reliable anti-immunoglobulin antibodies with the highest possible batch-to-batch reproducibility. In addition, recombinant antibody technology enables antibody engineering to open up new experimental possibilities.

We also offer secondary antibodies against human or other primate antibodies. If you are looking for another species or target, please contact us.

Antibody Name [Clone] Species ReactivityCatalog Number
Anti-Rat antibody kappa light chains [OX-12]RatAb00581
Anti-Mouse antibody kappa light chain [OX-20]MouseAb00583
Anti-Rat IgG [OX-59]RatAb00588
Anti-IgG [GT175]GoatAb01020
Anti-IgE [R1E4]MouseAb01115
Anti-IgE [mAbA9]MouseAb01158
Anti-Fab [TP896]RabbitAb01431
Anti-Fc [TP897]Rabbit; Guinea pig; Human (weak)Ab01432
Anti-Fab (kappa) [TP1170]MouseAb01433
Anti-Fab (kappa) [TP975]MouseAb01434
Anti-Fab (lambda) [TP1014]Mouse; Rat; Rabbit (weak)Ab01435
Anti-IgG1 Fc [TP1107]Mouse; Rat; Human (weak)Ab01436
Anti-IgG1 Fc [TP878]MouseAb01437
Anti-IgG1 Fc [TP879]Mouse; RatAb01438
Anti-IgG1 Fc [TP1104]MouseAb01439
Anti-IgG1 Fc [TP881]Mouse; Rat (weak)Ab01440
Anti-IgG1 Fc [TP882]Mouse; RatAb01441
Anti-IgG1 Fc [TP883]Mouse; Rat; Human (weak)Ab01442
Anti-IgG1 Fc [TP884]Mouse; Rat (weak)Ab01443
Anti-IgG1 Fc [TP894]MouseAb01444
Anti-IgG1 Fc [TP895]MouseAb01445
Anti-IgG1 (hinge) [TP885]Mouse; RatAb01446
Anti-IgG1 Fab (k+l) [TP886]MouseAb01447
Anti-IgG1/2a Fab (k) [TP887]MouseAb01448
Anti-IgG1/2a Fab (k) [TP888]MouseAb01449
Anti-IgG1/2a Fab (k) [TP889]MouseAb01450
Anti-IgG1/2a Fab (k) [TP890]MouseAb01451
Anti-IgG1/2a/2b Fab (k) [TP1106]MouseAb01452
Anti-IgG2a Fc [TP1129]MouseAb01453
Anti-IgG2a Fc [TP922]MouseAb01454
Anti-IgG2a Fc [TP923]MouseAb01455
Anti-IgG2a (hinge) [TP926]MouseAb01456
Anti-IgG2a/2b Fc [TP925]MouseAb01457
Anti-IgG2b Fab [TP979]Mouse; Guinea pigAb01458
Anti-IgG2b Fab [TP984]MouseAb01459
Anti-IgG3 Fc [TP924]Mouse; RabbitAb01460
Anti-IgG2a/3 Fc [TP929]Mouse; Rabbit (weak)Ab01461
Anti-IgNAR [GA8]ElasmobranchAb01553
Anti-IgE [D9#3116]DogAb01391

Anti-IgM [1.14]
Anti-chicken IgY [IgY 176] ChickenAb02049
Anti-kappa light chain [4-B10] Ferret (Mustela putorius furo)Ab02368
Anti-kappa light chain [4-E3]Ferret (Mustela putorius furo)Ab02369
Anti-lambda light chain [4-D11]Ferret (Mustela putorius furo)Ab02370
Anti-lambda light chain [6-H5]Ferret (Mustela putorius furo)Ab02371
Anti-lambda light chain [8-H9]Ferret (Mustela putorius furo)Ab02372
Anti-immunoglobulin [6-B5]Ferret (Mustela putorius furo)Ab02373
Anti-antibody heavy chain [6-B7]Ferret (Mustela putorius furo)Ab02374
Anti-antibody heavy chain [11-E3]Ferret (Mustela putorius furo)Ab02375
Anti-loggehead IgY heavy chain [LH-12-4]Sea turtlesAb02497

Anti-loggerhead IgY light chain [LH9]
Sea turtlesAb02498
Anti-loggerhead IgY spliced chain [LH1]Loggerhead turtle; Green sea turtle; Kemp's ridley turtleAb02499
Anti-IgD (Igh-Ca haplotype) [AMS9-]MouseAb02573
Anti-IgM (Igh-Cb and related haplotypes) [AF6-78.25.4]MouseAb02574
Anti-Rabbit IgG [A10B]RabbitAb03007