Antibody Humanization

Our investors and scientific advisors have a long history in humanization dating back to the first humanized antibody in 1988. We deliver a panel of humanized variants from your clone, and guarantee to produce a variant with comparable activity to the parent. Our process also identifies variants with preferential manufacturing criteria (e.g. high expression, low aggregation). Contact us for a quote.

  • 100% success rate
  • No success, no fee
  • Scale up to grams of antibody
  • Scale out to 10s of variants
  • Royalty-free


Example model of antibody VH and VL domains shown as a ribbon diagram (TOP) and space filling model (BOTTOM). Variable heavy domain in cyan with CDRs in red. Variable light domain in magenta with CDRs in yellow-brown.

  • Sequencing if necessary (hybridoma sequencing or de novo protein sequencing)
  • Modelling of the parent VH and VL domains
  • Alignment with a panel of preferred human germline sequences
  • Analysis of sequence liabilities and selection of de-risked frameworks
  • Structure guided CDR grafting onto preferred germline backbones
  • A minimum of 12 different humanized sequences generated
  • Synthesis, cloning and small scale production of all humanized variants, original parent and chimeric controls
  • Early stage manufacturability assessment: measurement of titre and aggregate content


  • 8 weeks from receipt of sequence


We offer four levels of humanization service, covering different elements of the process outlined above.

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For more background please refer to our Antibody Resource section on humanization.

Generation of structural model
In silico humanization
Sequence liability analysis
Expression/purification of parent as human chimeric
Expression/purification of up to 16 humanized variants
Determination of expression yields
Measurement of aggregation levels
Antibodies sent to client for activity testing
ELISA activity screen
Full kinetic analysis to determine KD by Biacore
Full report