Antibody Humanization

Our investors and scientific advisors have a long history in humanization dating back to the first humanized antibody in 1988. We deliver a panel of humanized variants from your clone, and guarantee to produce a variant with comparable activity to the parent. Our process also identifies variants with preferential manufacturing criteria (e.g. high expression, low aggregation). Contact us for a quote.

  • 100% success rate
  • No success, no fee
  • Scale up to grams of antibody
  • Scale out to 10s of variants
  • Royalty-free


Example model of antibody VH and VL domains shown as a ribbon diagram (TOP) and space filling model (BOTTOM). Variable heavy domain in cyan with CDRs in red. Variable light domain in magenta with CDRs in yellow-brown.

  • Sequencing if necessary (hybridoma sequencing or de novo protein sequencing)
  • Modelling of the parent VH and VL domains
  • Alignment with a panel of preferred human germline sequences
  • Analysis of sequence liabilities and selection of de-risked frameworks
  • Structure guided CDR grafting onto preferred germline backbones
  • A minimum of 12 different humanized sequences generated
  • Synthesis, cloning and small scale production of all humanized variants, original parent and chimeric controls
  • Early stage manufacturability assessment: measurement of titre and aggregate content


  • 8 weeks from receipt of sequence


  • Humanization report detailing humanization strategy, sequences and antibody production analytics (measurement of titre and aggregate content)
  • Small scale production (~1mg) of all humanized variants, original parent and chimeric controls

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For more background please refer to our Antibody Resource section on humanization.