Animal-Free Antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies and hybridoma-derived antibodies are made using animals. While this practice has brought us many great reagents and enabled important discoveries, many scientists are uneasy with the use of animals for the creation of their tools. Moreover, many funding bodies are pushing toward the use of reagents made without the use of animals or animal components (e.g. serum).

The recombinant production platform we use at Absolute Antibody is completely animal and animal-component free. The platform is based on transient, chemical transfection of a HEK293 cell line cultured in a precisely defined, serum-free medium. We do not use viral transfection approaches. This process is used for both our custom antibody expression service, as well as to produce all the reagents in our rapidly growing catalog of recombinant antibodies and proteins.

Our reagents portfolio contains antibodies from diverse sources, including classic hybridomas which have been sequenced for re-creation via recombinant production. This means that while the reagent was originally discovered by immunizing an animal, the products available for purchase are completely animal-free. Other sources of antibodies include human B-cell sequencing, as well as antibodies discovered by phage display.

If you want or need antibodies or proteins that have been made without animals or animal components, you can be assured that every product available from Absolute Antibody will suit your requirements. View the full catalog here, and contact us here for more information.