Absolute Antibody partners with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world to engineer and manufacture high-quality recombinant antibodies in a wide range of formats. Our team has deep expertise in therapeutic antibody development, and since our founding in 2012, we have produced more than 180 different antibody formats for our customers.

At Absolute Antibody, we specialize in antibody sequencing, engineering and recombinant expression. We can sequence from hybridoma cells or purified antibody protein, rapidly reformat antibodies into almost any format, and produce highly pure recombinant antibodies at milligram-to-gram scale. Our proprietary platform enables antibody engineering such as humanization, chimerization, species, isotype or subtype switching, creating antibody fragments, and developing custom bispecific or trispecific antibodies.

Our customers range from world-leading pharmaceutical companies – we’ve worked with 14 of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies by revenue – to small biotech start-ups. Depending on your needs, we can either provide a reliable outsourcing solution for antibody sequencing, engineering and expression, or a true consultative partnership for developing the best possible antibody candidate. All our services are royalty-free.

A selection of formats we have engineered for our customers. View the 180+ formats we have made here.

Reagents Catalog

In addition to our many successful customer projects, our ability to develop and manufacture recombinant antibodies is illustrated by our unique catalog of engineered antibodies and Fc fusion proteins. The catalog consists of proven antibody clones, recombinantly produced to ensure batch-to-batch reproducibility and engineered into new formats to increase experimental flexibility. Antibodies of particular interest to our pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers include our research-grade biosimilars, isotype controls, and immunotherapy research antibodies, all updated through antibody engineering for improved performance in vivo.

Available off-the-shelf antibody formats include:

  • Different species, to reduce immunogenicity in vivo, as well as increase compatibility with a secondary antibody or enable easier co-labelling studies in vitro
  • Different isotypes or subtypes, to tailor effector function or reduce the number of needed controls
  • Fc Silent™ antibodies, to remove effector function in vivo and reduce non-specific background in staining methods
  • Antibody fragments, to enable better tissue penetration, reduce non-specific binding, and increase antibody stability and solubility
  • Mouse bispecific antibodies, to evaluate potential bispecific combinations in mouse models

All reagents are manufactured in-house in a chemically defined, serum-free mammalian expression system, resulting in fully traceable, highly pure recombinant antibodies with low endotoxin levels.

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