License Your Antibodies

Absolute Antibody partners with academic institutions worldwide to license investigators’ lab-made monoclonal antibodies and hybridoma cell lines for sequencing and recombinant production. We use these antibodies to grow our online catalog of engineered recombinant antibodies.

Recombinant antibodies are absolutely defined by amino acid sequence and offer many advantages over traditional antibodies, including ensured batch-to-batch reproducibility and security from hybridoma loss. As a result, there is growing momentum to make more recombinant antibodies available for research and diagnostic applications.

At Absolute Antibody, we create recombinant versions of existing monoclonal antibodies. We sequence a proven clone, produce it recombinantly, and reformat the antibody into new species, isotypes and subtypes, thereby opening up new applications and markets for the clone. We then sell the engineered recombinant antibodies to customers worldwide.

To continually expand our catalog, we are always looking to license monoclonal antibodies from academic research institutions. Under our agreements, the institutions’ intellectual property rights are maintained, and we return royalty payments based on antibody sales. We also share the antibody sequence back with the provider, enabling the antibody to be stored cost-effectively, without liquid nitrogen.

We are particularly interested in antibodies related to immunotherapy, infectious disease, allergens and general research tools. To learn more about the benefits of licensing your antibodies for recombinant production, check out our case study on the DNA/RNA G-quadruplex antibody from the University of Cambridge.

Are you a researcher interested in licensing your lab-made antibody? Are you a technology transfer professional looking for new antibody commercialization opportunities? Contact us to learn more!