Recombinant Proteins

We are building a catalog of reagents for research and diagnostic use.

Recombinant Proteins Categories

Fc-Fusion proteins are composed of the Fc domain of IgG genetically linked to a peptide or protein of interest. Fc-Fusion proteins have become valuable reagents for in vivo and in vitro research. One of the most valuable characteristics conferred by the Fc domain in vivo is the dramatic prolonging of the plasma half-life of the protein of interest, which for biotherapeutic drugs can result in improved therapeutic efficacy. In vitro applications of Fc-Fusion proteins include immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, protein binding assays and use as microarray baits.
We offer a range of isotype and species specific Ig Fc domains. Recombinant Ig Fc domains are recommended as assay standards or controls, or immunogens to generate antibodies against the immunoglobulin Fc domains and other Ig Fc domain applications.
Absolute Antibody Multi-Tag control protein (Pr00106)  is a genetically engineered synthetic fusion protein composed of 17 commonly used epitope tags fused together using flexible linkers. Pr00106 can be used as a control in a number of immunoaffinity assays.
Free antibody light chains are important diagnostic markers for a range of disorders including amyloidosis, various myelomas and lymphomas. Absolute levels as well as imbalances in the ratio of free kappa and lambda chains are used as diagnostic and prognostic markers. The recombinant expression platform used by Absolute Antibody allows the direct expression of free antibody light-chains, overcoming the common problems faced in purifying these proteins. We produce ultra-pure product that may be used as calibrators and positive controls for diagnostic assays.