Primary Antibodies

All our antibodies are recombinantly produced for ensured batch-to-batch reproducibility. Each clone is available in a range of species and formats to best suit your research needs.

Recombinant anti-allergen antibodies available in any species and isotype, e.g. reformatted into a human IgE backbone.
Anti-coronavirus antibodies, including several shown to detect SARS-CoV-2, available in formats such as IgM, IgA, fragments, and IgG isotypes.
Recombinant anti-virus antibodies against viral antigens, available in any species and isotype.
Recombinant antibodies against peptide epitope tags, available in any species and isotype.
Fully murine bispecific antibodies, to enable easier evaluations of bispecific combinations in mouse models.
Our DNA/RNA research collection includes antibodies for classic structures, including single- or double-stranded DNA, dsRNA, hairpin DNA and Z-DNA, as well as antibodies for more recently discovered structures such as DNA/RNA hybrids, G-quadruplexes and i-Motif.
Mouse-anti-mouse recombinant antibodies against popular immune checkpoint targets.
Anti-F4/80 [Cl:A3-1] antibody is the most widely publicized and referenced mouse macrophage and microglia marker, making it a valuable tool for research.
Reliable negative controls are essential to conducting thorough and meaningful experiments. Available in any species and isotype.
Antibodies are crucial tools in understanding, mapping, and modulating the brain and nervous system.
Check out our range of human-derived antibodies specific to viral pathogens or self-antigen, available in human, mouse, and rabbit to suit your experiment.
Our research-grade biosimilars are research tools for the study and evaluation of biological processes without the need to source and purchase costly therapeutic-grade biologics.
The collection consists of popular antibody clones, many originally obtained from rats or hamsters, which Absolute Antibody has engineered into mouse-anti-mouse recombinant versions to improve research results.
Engineered recombinant antibodies for a variety of research areas and applications.