Core Technologies

Recombinant production of antibodies opens up a wealth of possibilities for researchers. Antibody sequencingengineering and recombinant expression are the set of core technologies that make available a panel of antibodies based on naturally occurring antibody components as well as novel, proprietary formats with their own specific advantages and applications.

Recombinant Versions of Naturally Occurring Formats

With our understanding of the structure-function-relationship of antibody domains we can combine naturally occurring antibody domains to generate reagents fulfilling specific requirements. Whether you would like to reduce immunogenicity of an antibody in in vivo applications by matching the constant region to the model organism used or would like to fine-tune antibody effector function by switching isotype, chimeric antibodies offer a range of possibilities now available for all our products.
Equally, we can expand the possible avenues of investigation in autoimmunity, allergy or primary immunodeficiencies by offering antibody formats beyond IgG, such as IgM, IgE, IgA and IgD.

Second-Generation Recombinant Antibody Formats

By moving beyond naturally occurring antibody domains, we can generate new molecules to overcome a range of problems researchers using antibodies have been facing. The interaction of antibody constant domains with Fc-receptors may be advantageous for certain biotherapeutics, but also result in undesirable background staining in flow-cytometry.
Equally, murine constant domains can be cross-linked by anti-mouse antibodies found in some human sera, leading to false positives in sandwich ELISA-type diagnostic tests. Removal of the constant domain and addition of a proprietary dimerization domain to stabilize the otherwise unstable F(ab’)2  format results in a reagent with superior characteristics for diagnostic applications (AbFab2).
Finally, bispecific antibodies furthermore expand the repertoire of antibody formats and possibilities accessible to researchers through Absolute Antibody.


What Next?

We are constantly working on new antibody formats to release. Maybe you have an idea or concept that you would like discuss? If so, feel free to get in touch using our contact form or by emailing