Absolute Antibody licenses a further 31 monoclonal antibodies from Ximbio

31st October 2016

We are excited to announce further expansion of our recombinant antibody catalogue following a new licence agreement between Absolute Antibody and Ximbio – the research tool business arm of Cancer Research Technology. The 31 antibody clones are to be sequenced and added to our portfolio over the coming year. This agreement follows a previous licence for 13 antibodies in October 2015.

Absolute Antibody CEO Nicholas Hutchings says: “Increasingly, researchers and institutions are acknowledging the value in recombinant antibody expression. This company was founded with the vision that all users should have access to antibodies that are absolutely defined by their amino acid sequence. We very much welcome collaborations such as this which help us to achieve our goal.”

“With the changing face of the research tool industry Absolute Antibody are visibly working to address calls from end users for greater defined antibodies” says Hugh Spotswood, Head of Business Development and Portfolio Management at Ximbio, “A key attraction from Ximbio’s standpoint was the ability to offer recombinant antibodies derived from hybridoma cell lines that have been hard to propagate or are poor producers. These antibodies will also serve to address the sustainability of widely used monoclonals from Ximbio’s catalogue that were developed by researchers that have since retired or left research.”

Amongst the licensed clones are antibodies targeting cell surface proteins including many involved in immune regulation and of relevance to immuno-oncology research. The collection also includes anti-epitope tag antibodies as well as antibodies against modified nucleotides such as N6-methyladenosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine. Each will be a valuable addition to our existing antibody portfolio, and will benefit from the antibody engineering possibilities made available through recombinant technology.

To find out more please contact support@absoluteantibody.com. Stay updated by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter – where we post about exciting developments both here and elsewhere in the field of antibody engineering and recombinant manufacture.

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