Online Antibody Engineering Lecture from our CSO

Our CSO Dr. Ian Wilkinson recently participated in an online lecture series by giving a presentation titled “Antibody Engineering: Beginnings to Bispecifics and Beyond”. The presentation is part of Henry Stewart Talks’ Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection, an online series of lectures from leading industry experts.

The talk is part of the “Monoclonal Antibodies as Therapeutic Agents” series, which is edited by Professor Herman Waldmann of the University of Oxford. It starts with the rise of recombinant monoclonal antibodies and describes a variety of antibody engineering options, including antibody fragments, Fc engineering and bispecific antibodies. It then explores newer developments such as antibody-drug conjugates and immunokines, before taking a look at where the antibody engineering field is headed in the future.

The talk is freely available to view for the next several months here.

Interested in learning more? Check out our Antibody Resource, an online reference summarizing the main topics of antibody engineering as well the basics of antibody structure and function. You can also read about our custom antibody engineering services, used by customers worldwide to develop a large range of antibody formats.

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