CHXpress™ Transient CHO Expression Service

We’re excited to announce the expansion of our recombinant antibody expression offerings with the addition of CHXpress™, a transient CHO expression service providing rapid antibody production with low endotoxin levels and high purity for a wide variety of applications.

The CHO addition expands upon our proven HEXpress™ platform, enabling us to offer serum-free mammalian transient expression in both HEK and CHO platforms to better serve clients through their full antibody development pathway. The same antibody expression vectors can be used in both our HEK and CHO systems, allowing clients to transfer and scale-up their antibody production later in the development cycle.

We still recommend most clients utilize our HEXpress™ expression platform for early-stage antibody development, as our HEK system provides cost-effective and high-throughput recombinant production ideal for screening antibody candidates. However, CHO production is useful for several applications in particular:

  • Gram-scale antibody manufacturing runs, for example for therapeutic antibody developers already focusing on a limited number of promising candidates in the later stages of the therapeutic antibody development cycle
  • Research projects in which the minor differences between HEK and CHO-made antibodies may be of significance, such as half-life, potency, and glycosylation studies
  • Overcoming yield problems in other expression platforms


Silver or Gold Expression Services:

CHXpress™ is available as a Silver or Gold service, which both provide highly purified antibodies for in vitro and in vivo needs (see figures below). All production occurs in our ISO 9001:2015-certified antibody manufacturing facility, and all services are royalty-free.

Silver: Offers high-quality recombinant antibody expression at affordable prices. The service covers gene synthesis to highly purified antibody


Gold: Offers stricter control on monomer purity and endotoxin levels for therapeutic antibody development


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