Since our formation in November 2012 Absolute Antibody has been very lucky to work with some of the biggest academic institutions and pharmaceutical firms based around the world. Some of the nice comments we have received for our work include:

“Absolute Antibody rapidly produced for us high quality bespoke antibodies – they have been wonderful partners” University Fellow, asked to remain anonymous.

“Absolute Antibody respond quickly to my inquiry with a detailed and helpful quotation, provided outstanding technical support during and after ordering, and delivered an excellent product on time. I thoroughly recommend their professional operation and will use them again.” University Professor, asked to remain anonymous.

“We provided Absolute Antibody with the CDR sequences for one of our candidate therapeutic antibodies. They expressed our antibody recombinantly as a murine IgG1 isotype, a murine IgG2A isotype and a human IgG1 isotype. Their service was professional and the project was completed on time. The recombinant antibodies bound to the immunogen as effectively as the original murine IgG1 antibody purified from hybridoma supernatant. Further functional testing in ADCC, ADCP and CDC was successful and demonstrated the expected activity determined by isotype. We intend to use Absolute Antibody again in the future and have had no hesitation in already recommending them to other colleagues.” University Professor, asked to remain anonymous.

“The service by Absolute Antibody has been excellent from our point of view. The antibodies arrived in good condition ahead of schedule and are showing good binding. We’d be very happy to go back to Absolute Antibody with similar work again.” University Professor, asked to remain anonymous.